6H30 AM on the Trans-Taiga - looking for cariboo
Hunting Ptarmigan on the way to Laforge 1
Islands on the reservoir - early morning
Nouchimi camp - LG4 - trans taiga - clin d'oeil pour Patatrack
Across the bridge - real rapids
Sur la trace des grands loups
Frozen lake a few miles away from Lg3
Austin quiet but anxious
Un ciel du nord
Evening sky
Back to the tent - studies
Spending the night at Cree camp - LG3
9 hunters - 3 pickups - Lots of food munitions and laughs - across LaGRANDE river - LG3
Kenny and Connie - lunch break on the road - 9 degrees
Bird feeder

JAMES BAY – PART TWO – Setting up at Lake Yasinsky

Dans le Grand Grand du Nord, une promenade sur le dos de la géante tortue sauvage, le bouclier canadien. Lecon d’humilité, une rencontre avec soi, émerveillé éveillé.

Durent durent les moments doux au pays du Caribou.

Choix du site de camping - Lac Yasinsky - Près de la trans-taiga
Guy, montant la tente. Guy Setting up the tent with Austin
Austin chopping wood
All done, warm fire, thick bows and cozy beds
Great stove for warming up fast.
Celine cooking dinner
Natural backdrop and fresh spruce perfume from the bows
Austin and Celine in the forest around the lake
Going hunting for ptarmigan - En route pour la chasse a la perdrix
At the end of the day - lake Yasinsky
Clean water
Painterly sky above my head - Peace in my heart
Closing the day