departure1 intent

i am back into my life, i think
I find people talk way too much, it makes my head spin.
… i am becoming a hermit, i think.
I recall the first day on the lake, first hour after months of focus, preparation, and stress.
I was pulling my sled, with cameras, axe, shovel, food, clothes… I had my mittens with strings, my toboggan with string, my camera with strap, and scarf… too many strings attached…
it was really cold but i was too hot, too nervous… i dont know. Everything was mixed up, strap, strings, i was trying to shoot and not miss anything. I got the departure on film, it went fast… i was racing from the back to the front of the long line, and reverse with my big snowshoes too. People, cars, kids, noise, were following us, a lot of people I knew, say goodbye, blessing us along the way. Was trying to focus on filming and show respect to those kind people.

Then our feet touched the lake, white unfolding for ever… no more sound, quiet, one by one.

I see the lake, really see, like you see your soul mate for the first time.

Big Bang in my whole body. Almost too much to contain. I am here, I am living my dream, I am pure happiness.

I am a thousand thank yous. I am one with the white all around me, sky, ice and trees.
I am tears of joy and amazement at realizing I am living the Journey of Wellness.
This is how it started.
Now that I am returned,
I walk as much as i can,
to go back to that peaceful space inside,
bright and pure, filled with joy.

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