She is back… De retour après la pause

So much has happened in the last few months. I have been busy finalizing and preparing projects for 2017.

Il s’est passé beaucoup de temps depuis mon dernier Post. Les derniers mois se sont bousculés avec la fin de projets et la planification des projets 2017. J’ai hâte de retourner à mon chevalet.

Je me suis fait opérée pour remplacement de la hanche, plus rien ne m’arrêtera 😉 Mais bon, patience, la convalescene dure tout de meme quelques mois.

I went under surgery for my hip last week, all good, i will be like new. Cant wait to go back to my activities, but patience, healing takes time. I will be painting no matter what.

Le montage et l’impression des DVD’s du documentaire sur Le Canoe Brigade vers les Monts Otish, sur la rivière Eastmain est maitenant terminé.

The editing and printing of the DVD’s for the Canoe Brigade Project is done. In 2015, i was asked to take part and film an expedition inthe Otish Mountains going up the Eastmain River with a group of 22 Cree People. I am very happy with the results and honored to have been chosen to do that.

JJ’ai terminé la production de petits formats paysages pour mes évènements de cet été.

I finished my production of small landscapes for the summer events in Montreal, Muskoka and may be Sept Iles.












I have chosen about 65 photos from all the Northern Expeditions and Life with the Cree for the past 10 years for a coming Art Show including these black and white photographs.

I have chosen amongst 10 years of photographies since my first trip up James Bay for an upcoming event in the region of Portneuf, painting exhibition and Photos of the Cree.


I have sent out the kite i was asked to create for Sky Wind World to Montana for the Buffalo Kite Project. I will be flying around the world through Kite festival events with Sky Wind World team amongst other kites by artists around the world.

I have finished and send my kite, honoring women , raising awareness for the missing and murdered indigenous women around the world. I was commissioned to do that by Sky Wind World in Montana for the Buffalo Kite Project.